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Action Learning

Action Learning is a practical and dynamic group-coaching methodology which brings small groups of people together to solve real issues in real time. It is a particularly valuable development option as it works on multiple levels for both individuals and organisations. Action Learning helps individuals to get to the heart of issues, enabling them to learn directly from their own experiences: their real and present workplace issues and their specific development needs.  Action Learning also builds an invaluable coaching skillset and mindset, which impacts positively on leadership and engagement in the workplace. It builds a realisation that issues are shared and enhances leadership capacity and resilience. Action Learning also gives valuable insights into the wider organisational culture, enabling adaptability, change and collaboration.

Coaching Services

An EMCC Practitioner level coach and holder of the EIA (European Individual Accreditation) which recognises successful ongoing application of coaching competence, I have supported leaders at all levels to achieve their ambitions and make real and positive changes. Typical coaching areas include career transitions, developing resilience and emotional intelligence, improving work-life-balance, identifying and developing strengths, stakeholder and relationship management and maximising their own style and skills to perform well, deliver greater engagement and get the best from others. 

An outcome-focused coach, I am passionate about the benefits of coaching, and in particular the increased self-awareness that arises from coaching. Coaching has a positive impact on individuals both professionally and personally. My focus is on facilitating personal insight to increase self-awareness with the aim of making mind-set and behavioural change. With knowledge of a number of diagnostic tools and techniques, I flex the support I provide to suit each individual’s motivations and needs to support them in achieving their goals.  For example, I offer support for individuals through 360-degree feedback, Emotional Intelligence Profiling, and Insights Discovery. 

An active member of the EMCC, all of my work is in line with the AC/EMCC Global Code of Ethics for coaching, mentoring and supervision.

Coach Supervision and Training

Qualified and experienced in coach and mentor training and supervision, we can introduce or expand your organisation’s approach to coaching and mentoring.  Supervision for coaches is essential to maintain, sustain and evolve good practice, and to ensure high standards of competence and professionalism.  Working as a coach supervisor since 2016, I lead both one-to-one and group supervision to support coaches to work at their best for the individuals they coach and the organisation as a whole.  I take a blended approach to coaching supervision, believing that both person-centred and systemic approaches are instrumental in supporting coaches to work at their best. I enable each of the key functions of supervision (Hawkins and Smith: 2006) to meet the needs of the coach in supervision sessions:

– Developmental: supporting the coach to develop new skills, and build insight and understanding of their practice

– Resourcing: supporting the coach to remain effective while helping others with emotionally challenging situations

– Qualitative: ensuring that the coach maintains quality and high ethical standards in their practice

I am a Coach Trainer and have trained cohorts of internal coaches for universities in the North-West (Level 5 Certificate in Coaching and Mentoring).  I have extensive experience of supporting coaches with their ongoing CPD. 

An active member of the EMCC, all of my work is in line with the AC/EMCC Global Code of Ethics for those working in the world of coaching, mentoring and supervision.

Leadership Development

Organisations must continually innovate to gain competitive advantage, and recruiting and developing effective leaders has become vital to survive and thrive. I design and deliver innovative learning solutions that drive performance improvement for leaders. The most effective leadership development takes an integrated approach, with the onus on the individual to take responsibility for their learning. My approach is embedded in the 70-20-10 model of learning, a holistic approach to effective development which maximises learning and develops the flexibility and discretionary behaviour which are critical to organisational performance. In other words:

Leadership → culture → employee engagement → service & quality → customer loyalty → profit

I have a supportive, empowering and outcome-focused approach, enabling individuals to make positive changes to fulfil their potential and that of their teams.  I have worked with leaders across sectors and particularly enjoy working with:

  • Executive leaders
  • New and developing leaders (including graduates and apprentices)
  • Women leaders
  • Leaders in transition (personal, career or organisational change)

Team Development

I support new and established teams to enable them to progress towards high performance. This may be in building and deepening trusted relationships, setting team purpose and strategic direction, moving through periods of change, dealing with specific issues or facilitating team away days.

As an accredited Insights Discovery practitioner, I have a deep understanding of Jungian theory regarding the influence of perception and preferences on our behaviours which brings a valuable richness to my practice.  This is particularly relevant in supporting teams to communicate and collaborate more effectively.

Workplace Mediation

The causes of workplace conflict are many and varied, but it is always highly negative for both the individuals involved and the organisation itself.  Mediation is a process by which an independent third party assists people in the informal resolution of workplace disputes. Holding the ACAS Certificate in Internal Workplace Mediation, I use a structured process to improve working relationships by helping individuals to reach their own, mutually agreed outcomes. 

Mediation addresses issues and behaviours through constructive and efficient dialogue. It reduces levels of stress and tension within working relationships, improves communication, and can provide creative solutions to workplace issues through broadening the search for options and alternative solutions.  The process encourages individuals to take charge of their own decisions and to accept responsibility for the consequences of their decisions and resolve conflicts at an early stage.

Organisational Development

I am an experienced OD specialist with a solid background in talent and leadership development.  I’ve led and facilitated business critical projects resulting in the delivery of key organisational goals, performance improvement, cultural change and organisational change. My approach is to work in partnership with key stakeholders in the organisation to curate and co-create frameworks, processes and outputs that drive capability, engagement and belief. With a strong partnership approach, I will work with you to create, launch and embed aspects such as:

  • Setting up a coaching culture in organisations
  • Mentoring programmes: mentor skills training and mentoring schemes
  • Leadership development strategy and programmes
  • Leadership performance frameworks
  • Talent pipelines and succession planning
  • Investors in People process and actions
  • Onboarding new starters

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